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    Do you want to know the key to accessing every divine blessing Jesus Christ died to give you, including freedom from sin, divine health, protection, provision, open doors and so much more?  Then you need to know how to live in God’s favor.  Favor will enable you to receive all the good things God has destined for your life.  When God’s favor is on you, circumstances may try to knock you down, but you will always bounce back to the top!  Favor will put you in the right place at the right time and release all of the provision you need for what God has destined you to do.  Learn today how to live a life saturated by God’s grace, strength and power. You are destined for greatness and God’s favor is the key.

    Teachings Include:
    Radical Favor
    Accessing God’s Favor
    Living in Supernatural Grace

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    Finding the Love of Your Life

    This is a 7 session video & audio mentoring course with Matt and Stephanie Sorger on finding the love of your life. Includes: Teaching, Q&A, Prayer Impartation Time

    You are never too old to experience the fulfillment of God’s promises for you. If you desire marriage, God has a covenant mate for you that you can do life together with. It can be a marriage filled with purpose, vision, love, commitment, fulfillment and joy.

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    Finding the Love of Your Life & Does God Choose Your Spouse?

    For a limited time, receive 50% off Finding the Love of your Life and get Does God Choose Your Spouse? for FREE!
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    Glory Panel 2013

    THIS IS 1 MP3.

    In a very transparent and candid conversation, Matt Sorger, James Goll, Rolland Baker, and Bonnie Chavda share revelations of the glory and how to cultivate it in your life. They share their own personal struggles, challenges and the insights they have learned from their journeys in God. We learn from Rolland Baker how he and Heidi stay plugged into God’s presence while working in the rugged fields of Africa. We learn from Bonnie Chavda how important it is to experience God in the corporate setting and not just the private one. We learn from James Goll how to overcome deep trial and pain and come through filled with God’s glory. We learn from Matt Sorger how God reveals His glory to us.

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    Healing In His Wings

    Healing in His Wings is a prophetic healing soaking album that ushers you into a living encounter with the healing presence of Jesus Christ. Matt combines worship, beautiful instrumental music including the guitar and mandolin along with many other heavenly sounds, healing scriptures, spontaneous healing prayers and prophetic song to bring you on a journey of healing for the spirit, soul, body and mind. It is a powerful combination of both the biblical healing word and the manifest healing presence of Christ. This is sold as an MP3 download.

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    Heavenly Mantles


    God is releasing new mantles today that will empower His people to do things that have never been done before in history. God has a unique mantle made just for you that will empower you for your divine call and purpose. It’s time to pick up your mantle and run with it. In this four part series you will learn how to pick up your mantle and see God’s purposes fulfilled through your life. You will also receive prophetic insight into the mantles God is releasing in these last days including mantles for mass deliverance, creative miracles, divine favor and more! You will also receive greater understanding into the company of people found in Rev 11. You may be one of them! Get ready to be empowered from heaven.

    Teachings Include:
    Accessing the Mantle Room of Heaven
    The Journey into the Mantle
    The Mantle for Creative Miracles
    The End Time Mantles of the Book of Revelation

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    How To Keep Your Impartation


    Have you ever experienced God in a powerful way only to slip back into “life as usual”? In this riveting series Matt expounds on how to keep an impartation you receive from the Holy Spirit and see it go deeper in your life. He teaches from his personal life experience how to protect God’s anointing and see His presence and power rise to new heights in your life. If you desire to move in the anointing without measure and see every impartation of the Holy Spirit increase, then this series is for you. Learn how to keep what you’ve got and see it explode in exponential greatness and glory.

    Teachings Include:
    Keeping Your Impartation
    Protecting the Anointing
    The Unlimited Anointing

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    Increase Your Anointing


    You don’t have to plateau in the level of God’s anointing. The Bible gives keys to continually going higher. Learn the purpose of the anointing, how to go higher in the anointing, how to discern the anointing God has for you, and how to catch greater degrees of God’s presence, anointing and power on your life.

    Teachings Include:

    • Three Keys to the Anointing
    • Anointed for a Purpose
    • Discern Your Anointing
    • The Power of Association
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    Is Your Shadow Dangerous?


    Do you want to have a dangerous shadow and move in realms of God’s power and glory? In this teaching series you will learn how to create a glory zone of God’s supernatural presence around you causing the sick to be healed everywhere you go! You will be activated in the power gifts of the Holy Spirit, including the gifts of healing, the working of miracles and the gift of faith. You will also learn about the four levels of speaking in tongues and how they will empower and transform your spiritual life. As you apply the protocol for the miraculous you will be launched into new levels of God’s healing power and glory.

    Teachings Include:
    Activating the Power Gifts: Gifts of Healing, Working of Miracles & the Gift of Faith
    Spiritual Protocol for the Miraculous
    Four Levels of Speaking in Tongues