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  • $120.00

    Finding the Love of Your Life E-Course

    This is a 7 session video & audio mentoring course with Matt and Stephanie Sorger on finding the love of your life. Includes: Teaching, Q&A, Prayer Impartation Time

    You are never too old to experience the fulfillment of God’s promises for you. If you desire marriage, God has a covenant mate for you that you can do life together with. It can be a marriage filled with purpose, vision, love, commitment, fulfillment and joy.

  • $25.00

    Living From The Third Heaven


    Many have a distorted mindset of how to break through spiritual warfare. God doesn’t want you living defeated underneath a constant sense of spiritual battle. You can live out of the realm of His glory and experience a sustained victory. Learn how to live out of the third heaven, where Christ is seated, far above all powers and principalities. Receive revelation of your true identity in Christ and you will know how to govern and rule from the courts of heaven and see every work of the enemy destroyed.

    Teachings Include:

    • Manifesting the Glory of a True Son
    • The Third Heaven Reality
    • Manifesting Royalty
    • Governing the Courts of Heaven
  • $25.00

    Living Out Of The Overflow


    God doesn’t want to give you just enough. He wants to give you more than enough! There is a place in your spirit where you can live out of the overflow of God’s presence within you. Learn how to move with the cloud of God’s presence and enter into a life yoked with the Holy Spirit where He leads and guides your every step. Learn how to bear abundant fruit no matter what season you are in. Living out of the overflow is the anecdote to depression, fatigue, and every weakness you face in life. It’s the secret to living an abundant life.

    Teachings Include:

    • Moving with the Cloud
    • Living Out of the Overflow
    • Yoked with the Spirit
    • Bearing Fruit in Every Season
  • $120.00

    Mentoring in Your Heavenly Identity

    This is 6 hours of mentoring in video & audio sessions with Matt Sorger on understanding your heavenly identity. Includes: Teaching, Q&A, Prayer Impartation Time 

    The enemy starts very young in people’s lives attacking their identity. If he can successfully lie to them about who they are he can limit or hinder their destiny. Everything you do flows from who you are and who you see yourself to be. In this mentoring series, I will be teaching you who you really are. Once you know the truth the enemy can never lie to you again! And you will be really free!

  • $25.00

    Shift Your Atmosphere


    You don’t have to live in an atmosphere of depression, turmoil, negativity, doubt or fear. You can live in the atmosphere of God’s glory! Be equipped to shift your atmosphere from negative to positive. Learn how to attract God’s glory to your life, build a consistent habitation of His presence, and experience the atmosphere of heaven within and around you. When you shift your atmosphere, you transform your life.

    Teachings Include:

    • Shift Your Atmosphere
    • 8 Keys to Attracting the Glory
    • Create a Space for God to Fill
    • Secrets to Building a Glory Habitation
  • $20.00

    The Three Brains


    There are no limits in the glory. Learn how to gain access to the realm of God’s unlimited presence and grace. Learn how to live in the surpassing greatness of God’s power and move beyond every border and limitation in life. Receive revelation into how God communicates with us through the three brains. Science is just catching up to what God already knows. You have been perfectly created by God to live a life of union and communion with His eternal Spirit.

    Teachings Include:

    • The Triune Brain
    • Union with God & Limitless Grace
    • Moving Beyond Your Borders & Limitations
  • $20.00

    Visitation To Habitation


    The Church is moving into greater realms of God’s glory and power! In this teaching series Matt prophetically shares how to move from visitation of God’s presence into the habitation of His glory. Your walk with God will be revolutionized as you learn how to effectively wait on God and guard His presence in your life. You will also learn how to access the greater glory, the greater grace and the greater works of the Spirit. This series is full of fresh wisdom and revelation from God’s heart to yours.

    Teachings Include:
    The Lost Art of Tarrying
    Guarding the Place of Habitation
    The Greater Glory

  • $20.00

    Walking In The Demonstration Power Of God


    Do you want to move in the marketplace anointing of signs and wonders with supernatural boldness? In this series, Matt shares on the model of the supernatural found in the book of Acts and how, we too, can be saturated with God’s glory and walk in divine authority in our everyday lives. Matt also reveals the secret of how to receive power from God through a life of intimate communion with the Holy Spirit.

    Teachings Include:
    Walking in the Demonstration Power of God
    Normal Christianity
    Lifting Your Vision Higher