2018 Prophetic Word

2018 Prophetic Word (MP3 & MP4)


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2018 will be a year of overcoming and overtaking blessings. The blessing of God is going to overcome you and tackle you down! When you recover from that blessing, another one is going to be right behind it! And then another one and another one! You won’t be able to contain the blessings God pours out over your life! This is a year of uncontainable blessings. Psa 23:6

In January I was ministering in Houston, TX under an open heaven anointing with visions and revelations for 2018. I want to get the fullness of this word into your heart so you can connect and experience everything God has for you this year.

Receive Matt’s prophetic word for 2018 “Breakthrough & Overtaking Blessings” (Going Over the Wall) in both MP3 and MP4.


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