Double Portion & Divine Favor


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2015 is a year of a double portion inheritance. God is going to end the warfare of your past season and release a double portion from His hand. He is going before His people and clearing out all the obstacles. Every mountain will be brought low and every valley will be raised up. God is removing plots and assignments that the enemy has set against us. God is clearing them out before we get there. God is making straight and smooth paths before us. The glory of the Lord shall be revealed.

The Lord showed me a vision of a garden being cleared out. It looked like it had big spaces in it. I said, “Lord it looks so empty.” He said, “I am creating space to fill. And there will be a greater fruitfulness and harvest.” If things have been cleared out in your life, God is creating a space to fill. Not everything from your past season will be able to go with you into your next season. Don’t let something good in your life occupy the space that is supposed to have God’s best. Sometimes God needs to clear out good things so He can occupy that space with His best.

I want you to get ready for all things to become new in your life. God is making all things new. He is making our faith new. Our vision new. Our relationship with Him new. Our experience of His presence new. The anointing new. Everything new. God is forming a new wineskin to hold and sustain the new wine He is pouring out. This wineskin will even include divine Kingdom relationships and alignments.

Get ready to possess double for your trouble. Inheritances are being released!


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