The Prophetic Significance of 40


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While I was in Israel, just before Rosh Hashanah, I began to be impressed with the number 40 and the prophetic significance it holds for 2013. I began a study in the bible and looked up every scripture with the number forty in it. After hours of meditating in over 100 scriptures, I discovered 24 prophetic significances for the number 40.

I delivered this prophetic teaching on the eve of the close of Yom Kippur. It speaks into our prophetic destiny for 2013-2014 and gives us 24 promises we can access and walk into. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

On September 13th, as Yom Kippur started, the Lord spoke to me (Matt Sorger) that He was closing old doors and opening new ones. The doors of your past, He is closing and sealing with the Blood, never to be opened again. And He is opening a new door in front of you, a door that will lead you into the goodness of God. This year will be a year where you not only believe by faith to see the negative turn for your good, but you will walk into the manifestation of it. This will be a year where the goodness of God is manifested in your life.

God also told me that He is coloring outside of the lines. He is breaking the box. The secret key to walking above the storms the enemy stirs up around you is to keep your focus and attention on Christ. As long as you look upon Him you will walk on the water and overcome the storms. I also saw a vision of a toddler crawling, then a child walking and running, then flying. God is going to cause His people to go from crawling to flying. We are going to go where no man has gone before, into unchartered and new territory. The key to faith will be where our focus and attention is.

There is a shift happening in the Body of Christ. There is a move from impartation to commissioning and going. Those that have received impartation from God must move with it. It’s time to move into your God given assignments and do something with the gift He has placed inside of you.

To read a transcription of the prophetic word given by Matt Sorger on Yom Kippur please click here.

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